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Top 8 Stylish iPhone 7 Cases You Need Right Now

Top 8 Stylish iPhone 7 Cases You Need Right Now
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The iPhone 7 is one of the most bragged phones in the market, a prime one-time investment. If you have finally decided to own one, you should be aware of the fact that even a state of the art phone can be prone to severe heartbroken damages like shattered screen, bumped edges or even a hardware failure. Just wondering how painful would that be? Don’t worry, we have got this on us. To back you from all your worries with the perfect list of cases and covers you need.

Everyone is on a hunt to grab a phone cover or case which is obviously stylish, provides a high level of protection from any kind of dirt, spill, and shock and even provides screen protection with an extraordinary built quality as well. We list out the best mobile cases and covers out of the humungous choices available to give your phone an extra lifeline.

Best iPhone 7 Cases and Covers

So here are the iPhone 7 cases and covers on a significantly high demand for an all-around protection with the stylish looks that adds up elegance to your iPhone. 

iPhone 7 Heavy Duty Metal Case

This case is specially designed to guard your phone against any kind of slips, scratches, and hits. Made with a light TPU material and strong metal frame. So this metal frame carbon fiber case for iPhone 7, is one of the best protective covers you can purchase for your Apple phone.

iPhone 7 Metal Cases

Why Buy it?

✔ Strong metal frame.
✔ Light and sturdy.
✔ Fits perfectly.
✔ Slip-proof design

Ultra Thin Protective Case for iPhone 7

As the name says “Ultra-Thin”, it really means it. This iPhone 7 ultra thin protective case fits just like a skin on your phone. You won’t feel the bulkiness at all. Despite being skinny, it does provide great protection from dirt, water spills, and shock or even slips damage.

iPhone 7 Transparent Cases

Why Buy it?

✔ Transparent and scratch proof.
✔ Anti-slip coating.
✔ Shock absorption.
✔ High-quality material

iPhone 7 Synthetic Hard Carbon Plastic Case

If you are looking for something rally that fits in perfect and is hard enough to sustain major drops, or in other words, you often tend to drop your phone. If yes, then this iPhone 7 synthetic hard carbon plastic case is just the deal breaker for you. It is made of carbon mix plastic material, which makes it rugged for tough usage.

iPhone 7 Synthetic Fiber Case

Why Buy it?

✔ Waterproof.
✔ Crafted for protection.
✔ Nonbulky design.
✔ Colors: Black and Blue.

If you are still thinking of trying some other choices, just keep going down…

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Hybrid Armor Protector Shell Cover

The hybrid iPhone 7 armor protector shell cover, is a true life saver. This one is available in a variety of colors and also comes with a kickstand design. Fully dirt resistant and crafted with TPU silicone hybrid material. The cover comes with additional bumper edges and corners, designed to protect your phone from a dreadful unexpected fall.

iPhone 7 Armour Cases

Why Buy it?

✔ Amazing rugged design.
✔ Protects the screen as well.
✔ Dirt Resistant.
✔ Variety of colors and design

Original PU Leather Vintage Back Case

This case is for the people who crave for a royal look and want protection for the phone as well. The original PU leather vintage back case for iPhone 7 fulfills all your needs. It comes with a vintage look, formulated with top grade PU leather material designed for comprehensive protection for the phone.

iPhone 7 Leather Cases

Why Buy it?

✔ Royal look.
✔ Original PU Leather.
✔ Waterproof case.
✔ Silk smooth finish.

iPhone 7 Finger Ring Holder Hard Case

The best cover for selfie lovers, as iPhone 7 is bigger in size. It might be sometimes difficult to hold when taking selfies and photos. The finger ring holder hard plastic protective iPhone 7 Case, lets you take unlimited photos with your phone under control. It comes with a specially designed ring, to hold the phone while using, giving you a great hold on your phone.

iPhone 7 Ring Cases

Why Buy it?

✔ Specially designed holding ring.
✔ Easy and precise fit.
✔ Slim and Form Fitted Design
✔ Slip-proof material.

iPhone 7 Defender Shockproof Armour Case

The iPhone 7 defender protective cover is a shockproof case. It safeguards your phone from dust, scratches, dirt, water spills and isn’t very bulky too. The matte finish is an additional mantle on the phone, making it much safer to use. Keeping in mind, not to weaken any wireless data exchange over NFC, Wifi or Bluetooth.

Unlike the other bulky cases, this case also gives an ease to use the buttons and Touch fingerprint sensor on the phone.

iPhone 7 Defender Cases

Why Buy it?

✔ Flawless design.
✔ Intense quality.
✔ Infused Color Technology.
✔ Light in weight.

iPhone 7 Jet Black Ultra-thin Case

One of the most annoying thing for some people is that the cases despite providing all the protection, they cover up the stunning design of Apple’s logo. To overcome this problem, here the best option for such people. Jet Black ultra-thin iPhone 7 case. If it says “Ultra thin” don’t think it would not protect your phone.

This case is highly durable and made of supreme quality protection, which firstly gives protection to your phone and secondly does not disturb the gorgeous look of it.

iPhone 7 Jet Black Cases 

Why Buy it?

✔ Transparent and scratch proof.
✔ Supreme quality.
✔ Perfectly fits the phone.
✔ Strong and durable.

As always, we will come back soon with more and more information on how efficiently to dig down for the best. The latest collection from the endless world of mobile phone covers. Make your choice from the most affordable and flawless giant range of models, colors, type, price range, and materials for ultimate protection of your phone. Mobile cases and covers to pamper your handset and give your smartphone a new evergreen look.